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Fort Wayne Appraisals is a Real Estate Appraisal company based in beautiful Fort Wayne, Indiana. We proudly provide residential real estate appraisals and market analysis for all our area neighbors.
Fast Turnaround
With a 48 hour turn-around time after inspection, Fort Wayne Appraisals guarantees you fast, accurate real estate appraisals.
Accurate Appraisals
Fort Wayne Appraisal’s guarantee the highest quality appraisals. Our team of professional and qualified Licensed real estate appraisers are very experienced with the appraisal needs of mortgage financing, relocation, divorce, PMI removal, estate planning, settlement disputes and tax assessments.
Our appraisal team specializes in their home counties to provide the most accurate market analysis and valuation.
Reliable Communication
Fort Wayne Appraisals understands that communication is vital throughout the appraisal process. You can count on our knowledgeable and responsive team to readily assist you with all of your appraisal needs.
Call Fort Wayne Appraisals and we will take care of all your Appraisal needs. We guarantee your appraisal will be handled promptly and professionally.
Call us today at 260 . 492 .0368 Toll free fax. 1-866-443-9946

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